Unlimited WhatsApp Messages to Numbers

Import your existing customers, potential customer’s contact and send your promotion to their WhatsApp.

Keymarker Feature

Use keymarker feature to import or generate random key or word to avoid banned from WhatsApp to sending message Keymarker word like: {{ KEY : hi | hello | hi there | greetings }}

Google Map Data Extractor / Scrapper

Extract data from google map with targeted location or targeted keywords and save them as excel, also import extracted numbers in DependsApp and Send Bulk Messages to them.

WhatsApp Auto Responder Bot

Automatically answer your personal or WhatsApp business messages with Powerful Auto responder bot and save a lot of time.

Import Your Existing Customers

Send messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book.

Message Delay Management / Number Anti-Block Technology

Strong Delay Management to protect your WhatsApp account from Ban.

Get All Member Number From Any Group

Grab Group members from any group.

Send Multiple Messages to Every Number

Send multiple messages to every number, i.e.: Message1 | Message2 | Message3 | Message4 | Message5

Grab Group Links From Web

Auto Grab all Group Links from any web page.

Grab Contact List

Grab all your contacts saved in your address book.

Grab All Group List

Grab all group links where you are, as an admin or member.

Attached Any Files

Video, Image, Text supported. Can also attached any files.

Auto Group Joiner

Join bulk group automatically by importing link in excel.

Call to Action Buttons

WhatsApp Interactive Call to Action Buttons with message.

Grab Active Group Members

Grab only active group members exclude inactive members.

Grab Chat List

Grab the whole chat list numbers even someone not in your contact list.

Bulk Add Group Members

Adding bulk members to WhatsApp group from excel file.

WhatsApp Group Finder

Find out your targeted audience group by keywords.

WhatsApp Number Filter

Filter active and non-active WhatsApp contacts from any list of numbers.

24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

Our human agent is always available to provide you outstanding customer support.

Free 20,000+ Group Link

We will provide 20,000+ free multiple niches group link, We also available to hire for find out your targeted niches group link.

Dynamic Parameterised Message Sender

ie. ’ hi {{Name}} ’ , Your invoice no {{InvoiceNo}} is generated , Click below link to download {{InvoiceLink}}

Lifetime updates

We are continuing to enhance our product and planning to introduce cool features in future, stay with us.

Remote Desktop Support

We offer remote desktop support by TeamViewer or AnyDesk for any kind of issue with our product.

Modern Material Design

Latest Material UI design with easy-to-use interface.


You will get a detailed report after the campaign is completed.

Send Message to Groups

Send unlimited messages to all your joined groups.

Bulk Import

Import your contact number from an excel sheet.

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